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If you smoke or use tobacco products, you probably know that smoking is the #1 most preventable cause of death in the United States. And quitting—no matter your age, how long you’ve smoked, or what health problems you may have—is the #1 most important step you can take to live a longer and healthier life.

You probably also know that quitting is hard. In fact, studies show that most smokers want to quit. And many try one or more times without success. But studies also show that quitting with the support of counseling and medicine can double—or even triple—your chances of success. And that’s where we can help.


Our local Vermont Quit Partners offer free, weekly, small-group workshops across the state. Your workshop leaders and fellow participants will guide and support you to:

  • Create a plan of action for becoming tobacco free.
  • Stay motivated for the long run.
  • Find ways to manage your stress and cravings.

Vermont Quit Partners offer free gum, lozenges, and patches.

All workshops and other support are free of cost for all participants. That’s because we—and our partners—are committed to making sure all Vermonters have access to expert advice and proven strategies to take control of their health.


If you’re a current smoker or tobacco user who wants to quit.


Dec 2
Quit Smoking

FreshStart – Dec 2nd @ RRMC CVPS Leahy Conference room, Rutland 05701

  • Dec. 2, 2019 
  • to Dec. 30, 2019
  •  on Mondays 
  • 4:30PM 
  • - 5:30PM
Dec 2
Quit Smoking

FreshStart – Dec 2nd @ Brattleboro Memorial Hospital - Downstairs meeting room, Brattleboro 05301

  • Dec. 2, 2019 
  • to Dec. 30, 2019
  •  on Mondays 
  • 1:30PM 
  • - 2:30PM
Dec 3
Quit Smoking

FreshStart – Dec 3rd @ RRMC Heart Center, Rutland 05701

  • Dec. 3, 2019 
  • to Dec. 31, 2019
  •  on Tuesdays 
  • 11:00AM 
  • - 12:00PM


There are about 1,000 smoking-related deaths in Vermont each year.

Source: Vermont Department of Health, Tobacco Control Program

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Joining a workshop with a specially trained Vermont Quit Partner doubles your chances of successfully quitting.

Source: Vermont Department of Health, Tobacco Control Program

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It can take several tries to quit tobacco for good, but each time gets you closer to success.

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Vermont adults who smoke were significantly more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease, depression, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes than adults who didn’t smoke.

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“I had tried to quit many times; I think I actually lost track of how many times. It’s been over a year [since I stopped], but the interesting thing is I can’t really imagine going back to smoking now. As far as I’m concerned, I’m done smoking.”

– Heather

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