Our Partners

This website is the result of a partnership among three Vermont organizations dedicated to helping Vermonters like you get the support you need to take control of your health. Learn more about our partners below.

Greater Burlington YMCA

The Greater Burlington YMCA is a diverse organization of men, women, and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy lives, and fostering a sense of social responsibility.

For 150 years, the Greater Burlington YMCA has served communities across Vermont. We operate early-childhood education programs, after-school programs, and summer camps in five counties – and, through our wellness initiatives and Vermont Blueprint for Health partnership, we connect with people in all of Vermont’s 14 counties.

The Y counts on the generosity of our volunteers, donors, members, and partners to ensure the Y is a place where people of all ages and walks of life learn, grow, and thrive.

Learn more about the GBYMCA

Vermont Department of Health

The Vermont Department of Health is the state’s lead agency for public health policy and advocacy, and is part of the state’s Agency of Human Services.

The Health Department’s many programs and initiatives help Vermonters live fuller, healthier lives from birth through old age—with a focus on prevention. The Health Department:

  • Educates and informs Vermonters about eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and not using tobacco
  • Promotes and improves access to immunizations, mammograms, pap tests, HIV/AIDS testing and care, and prenatal care
  • Licenses doctors and hospitals, inspects food and lodging establishments, and enforces health regulations
  • Prepares for and responds to public health emergencies and threats, and provides the public with information to help them stay safe and healthy

The Health Department offers public health and disease prevention services across Vermont through 12 district offices. The district offices work with local health care providers, voluntary agencies, schools, businesses, and community organizations to improve health and extend statewide initiatives in local communities.

Learn more about the Vermont Department of Health

Vermont Blueprint for Health

The Vermont Blueprint for Health is transforming the way primary care is delivered and paid for in Vermont. This nationally recognized state program brings together health care providers, accountable-care organizations, social services, and more to incentivize research-based advanced primary care, and connect more Vermonters to its benefits. The result is better access to quality health care and all the services that keep Vermonters healthy.

The Vermont Blueprint for Health’s goals are to:

  • Create an integrated, high-value health system in Vermont
  • Improve the health of all Vermonters by making sure that they have access to high-quality primary care and preventive health services
  • Improve control over health care cost by promoting health maintenance, prevention, and care coordination and management

The Blueprint works with health care practices, hospitals, health centers, provider networks, insurers, and others to implement a statewide health service model in Vermont.

Learn more about Vermont Blueprint for Health